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SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University

Office of Research Administration

Submission Process

Campus Application Review and Submission Deadlines

In order to ensure that every application can be appropriately and fully reviewed and submitted to the sponsor on a timely basis, internal deadlines and procedures have been established. The budget  and budget justification should be sent for review as soon as it's complete, while the rest of the application is being finalized. All proposals, including internal paperwork, should be submitted to the five (5) business days in advance. All documents (except for the science) should be uploaded and the budget should be close to final. It is expected that the final application will be submitted by no later than noon on the deadline date. This will allow time for the internal paperwork to be routed and signed by all parties. While every effort will be made to review and submit applications outside of these internal deadlines, final review and submission cannot be guaranteed.

Internal requests for application submission after 5:00pm will be considered only in extreme circumstances.

Sending Electronic Application Files to the Pre-Award team

Send the electronic application file as an attachment in an email to

Internal Requirements for Submission:

Proposal Review/ Signature Worksheet

A mandated federal policy went into effect several years ago, which requires all institutions to secure and retain a written assurance from the PD/PI prior to submitting an application, which replaced the requirement for the PD/PI to sign the application itself. In order to meet this requirement, each application must be submitted with a Proposal Review/Signature Worksheet. Sponsored Programs Administration will retain this on file for every submitted application (as a requirement applicable for all sponsors) – an application will not be submitted without this form, signed by all parties. When multiple PD/PIs are identified and a multiple PD/PI Leadership Plan is proposed in an application, all PD/PIs must sign the proposal review/signature worksheet, along with their respective Department Chairs and Deans.

Cost Share Form

In order to be complaint with CFR Part 200, the Uniform Guidance, we strongly discourage voluntary cost share. If your Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) calls for mandatory cost share and/or your Department Chair has approved voluntary committed cost share, please complete the Cost Share Form and return to the Pre-Award team with the signature of your Department Chair and the Dean. The signature of the Department Chair and the Dean confirm they have reviewed a cost share budget and they agree to the cost.

COI Confirmation

The PD/PI and everyone on the research team that meets the DMC definition an investigator must complete their annual COI questionnaire and COI training prior to submitting an application. The transactional must be done prior to award setup; however can be completed at this time.