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Downstate Medical Center has various facilities which provide its faculty and biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies with state-of-the-art research technology and service. Fee schedules, where provided, are subject to change.

In addition, there are other regional facilities which are available to the Downstate research faculty.

Cell Biology


The Department of Cell Biology maintains a Jung CM 3000 Cryostat Microtome. The instrument is designed for rapid freezing and sectioning of tissue samples. The operating temperature range is from 0°C to -40°C and it can be manually or motor operated. It can be set to section at thickness ranging from 0.5 to 60 µm. Individual investigators have to provide their own slides , and have to do their own sectioning. Staff will provide instruction in the proper usage of the machine. Please call for consultation and estimate of cost.


Dr. Gladys Teitelman
Department of Cell Biology
Basic Science Building, Room 2-94
(718) 270-2950, Fax (718) 270-3732

Yelena Guz
Basic Science Building, Room 2-94
(718) 270-1472

Foto/Analyst II System

Objective: To provide facilities for computer-based gel documentation and image analysis.

Services: The Foto/analyst II workstation acquires images of ethidium bromide-stained agrose gels using an integrating camera configured with a zoom lens, and provides live video and continuous-tone hardcopy output. Thermal prints are of continuous-tone 256 greyscale quality. Video images are digitized and can be saved directly to a computer. The system interfaces directly to a Macintosh Quadra 650 computer, and specialty software allows images to be analyzed for other purposes, such as PCR quantitation.


Dr. C. Hellen or Rodney Romain
Morse Institute for Molecular Genetics
Basic Science Building, Room 3-98
(718) 270-1034, Fax (718) 270-2656
MSC 44


Nitric Oxide Measurement Laboratory

This facility offers determination of nitric oxide (NO) and its reaction products, NO2 and NO3, in liquids such as biological fluids and cell culture media, as well as in gas samples such as exhaled breath. The facility uses a Sievers Instruments Model 280 Nitric Oxide Analyzer, a highly sensitive (picomole range), selective detector for nitric oxide, designed specifically for medical and research applications. The measurement of NO is based on the chemiluminescent reaction of NO with O3 (both nitrite and nitrate are reduced to NO using vanadium chloride).

Please call for consultation and estimate of cost.


Dr. Maja Nowakowski
Department of Pathology
Basic Science Building, Room 4-109
(718) 270-2206, Fax (718) 270-3313
MSC 25

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