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SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University

Office of Research Administration

Advisory Council on Research

Charge and Mission

The Downstate Health Sciences University Advisory Council on Research, which consists of faculty members who represent a wide spectrum of academic diversity throughout Downstate Health Sciences University, serves as a key advisory body to the Executive Vice President for Research. In order to achieve a balance of experienced leadership and new perspectives, the committee consists of both standing members, who serve three- to five-year terms and rotating members, who serve two-year terms.

The Advisory Council on Research works with Downstate faculty to tackle priority research issues, including but not limited to research-related policies (e.g. Conflicts of Interest, Effort Reporting, Cost Sharing, etc.), core facilities (e.g. perspectives and suggestions for the revision of the current structures and procedures for research "cores" and recommendations concerning the future of core administration), and Center-wide research strategic planning. The Advisory Council on Research has the authority to appoint smaller, more focused faculty committees to address many of these issues. Members of the Office of the Executive Vice President for Research and the leadership of each of the reporting offices attend the Council meetings as non-voting members as do other senior administrators including, but not limited to, the Executive Vice President for Research, Chief Operating Officer, and the Associate Dean for Administration, to discuss issues of import with respect to strategic oversight and management of DCM's research enterprise. The Advisory Council on Research meets on a monthly basis or as needed during the academic year.