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SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University

Office of Research Administration

Full Board Meetings and Deadlines:

Rapid Response (COVID-19) IRB

Downstate has established a new IRB roster for the review of COVID-19 studies and other related submissions that must undergo full board review. 

These meetings will be called as needed; therefore, there are no submission deadlines for COVID-19 related submissions.








5/5 6/2 Diann Johnson, MPH
6/2 7/7 Nikol Celestine, BA, CIP
7/7 8/4 Laura Henderson, MA, CIP
8/4 9/1 Diann Johnson, MPH
9/1 10/6 Nikol Celestine, BA, CIP
10/6 11/3 Diann Johnson, MPH
11/3 12/1 Laura Henderson, MA, CIP


  • Due to the time involved in pre-reviewing materials prior to distribution to the IRB members for review, all IRB submissions must be received by the deadline date indicated.
  • No late submissions will be accepted. All submissions received after the deadline date will be processed for the next meeting date.
  • All required materials and signatures must be submitted to the IRB by the stated deadline.
  • Click here to download the 2021 IRB meeting schedule.