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BioBAT Company Profiles


              BioBAT Graduates  

AlgiKnit, Inc.

AlgiKnit is a biomaterials company integrating science and design into textile production. Addressing the ecological damage caused by the fashion industry, AlgiKnit is creating durable yet rapidly degradable yarns. AlgiKnit envisions the next generation of sustainable, wearable and ethical materials, produced within a closed-loop life cycle.



Brooklyn ImmunoTherapeutics, LLC

Brooklyn ImmunoTherapeutics is a clinical-stage bioresearch company developing IRX-2, an important new immunotherapy candidate for cancer.  Brooklyn ImmunoTherapeutics is developing novel immunotherapies based upon reversing immune suppression that is typically seen in patients with cancer and other diseases. The lead product, IRX-2, is a primary cell-derived biologic with multiple active cytokine components that acts on multiple cell types of the immune system including T cells, dendritic cells, and natural killer cells.

Calder Biosciences, Inc.

Calder is a private biotechnology company applying proprietary technologies to develop conformationally locked, improved subunit vaccine immunogens. The company’s technologies enhance the performance of these products by stabilizing their conformations, which then better represent the 3-D structure of these proteins on the surface of the pathogen, and therefore give rise to more protective antibody responses.


Chemitope Glycopeptide, LLC

Chemitope Glycopeptide, LLC, or Chemitope, is a boutique biotech company that aims to produce a new generation of preventative vaccines. Chemitope was founded by Dr. Baptiste Aussedat and Dr. William Walkowicz, two PhD scientists at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City, to meet the current and future demand for homogeneous glycopeptides in the ongoing effort to develop an HIV vaccine.


Fork & Goode, Inc.

Fork & Goode is developing new approaches to growing animal cells to create delicious and healthy meat products. This addresses critical food safety issues, cuts out the immense resource needs for livestock, and avoids animal slaughter to help meet our growing protein needs. Fork & Goode intends to do this using cell culture technology to actually grow meat cells to have the flavor that we crave and the key nutrients we need (vs. pure plant-based substitutes).

International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI)

IAVI's AIDS Vaccine Design and Development Laboratory is a versatile facility designed for conducting biological research on novel vaccines. Ongoing work encompasses multiple phases of vaccine development including generation of new vaccines, assessment of vaccine candidates, and generation of supporting technologies needed to advance the most promising candidates to the stage where they can be evaluated in clinical trials. The Lab also collaborates with multiple academic and industry partners to help advance new AIDS vaccine candidates and perform research needed to better understand how the immune system responds to HIV infection or immunization with experimental vaccines.

BioBAT Graduates


Allied Microbiota

Allied Microbiota was founded to bring low-cost sustainable solutions to treat recalcitrant pollutants using environmentally friendly microbial solutions. Founded in 2017 by Dr. Ray Sambrotto and Frana James from Columbia University, Allied Microbiota has developed methods of bioremediation using naturally isolated bacterial cultures and their enzymes for remediation of soil, sediments and groundwater using techniques like composting, and flow through reactors. Offering great advantages to expensive treatments for recalcitrant remediation, the company's microbes provide users with remarkable cost savings, reducing PCB levels by 80 percent in few days. It is also expanding its focus on improving the fermentation process and strain development to develop new bio-chemicals and enzymes for industrial and environmental applications.

Modern Meadow

Modern Meadow develops cultured animal products including leather, food and other applications without the need for harming animals or the environment. By leveraging the latest advances in biotechnology and bio fabrication, the Company is able to make better materials and animal products with demonstrated advantages for design, performance, manufacturing and sustainability.