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Pre-Award Division

Our Mission & Goals

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The Office of Research Administration is committed to serve as the central resource for faculty and staff by providing the financial and regulatory stewardship required in today's research environment.

Our mission is to provide administrative support to the Principal Investigators (PI's) in their pursuit of sponsored research, while ensuring compliance with University, federal, state, city and private sponsor regulations, terms and conditions.

The Pre-Award Division provides a wide range of services, including:

  • Review and submission of proposals
  • Just-in-Time submission
  • Award negotiation and acceptance (alongside RFC)
  • Establish accounts in the financial system
  • Carryover and Budget Modifications (when sponsor approval is required)
  • Progress Report submissions
  • No Cost Extensions (NCE's)
  • Sponsor communications during the life cycle of an award
  • Sponsor liaison on award issues
  • Award close-out (non-financial)
  • Grants education, training and outreach

The Pre-Award team works closely with investigators, department administrators and research staff to assist with budget preparation. The Pre-Award Division works closely with colleagues in the Post-Award Division and the Research Foundation Central Office (RFC) to support these research projects throughout various stages in the lifecycle of an award.

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photoSharon Levine-Sealy, Director
Pre-Award Operations

photoMelissa Emanus, Assistant Director

photoCharlene Butcher, Executive Assistant

Contract Review and Negotiation:

photoEthan Denny, Contract Manager

Grant Review and Submission:


photoLaurian Bradford, Sponsored Programs Associate

photoMargaret Briggs, Sponsored Programs Associate