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Portions of a comprehensive Research Related Policies and Procedures handbook is now available. As additional sections are completed, they will be added to this page. Links to other documents and/or references will be included where appropriate or available.

The purpose of this Guide is to provide Principal Investigators with a clear explanation of current policies and procedures relating to the conduct of sponsored programs at Downstate Medical Center – i.e., "How do I hire a new employee?" When changes to these policies and procedures occur (at the initiative of a sponsor, the Research Foundation or the Medical Center, depending on the specific issue and the authority for change), this document will be updated.

Some of the material is a summary of more lengthy policies and/or procedures (i.e., the SUNY Patent and Copyright Policy); the symbol identifies the referenced primary source document for the policy or procedure which may be obtained in either the Scientific Affairs/Sponsored Programs Office (Basic Science Building Room 2-71E, 270-2680) or the Office of Research Administration (Admin Services Building Room 110, 270-1178). In addition, the symbol indicates where specific information may be updated annually or more frequently if necessary (e.g., fringe benefit rates).

Comments or suggestions regarding this handbook or additional material to be included will be appreciated and should be directed to the Office of Scientific Affairs.



green ball Research Foundation of SUNY
green ball Office of Scientific Affairs / Office of Research Administration
green ball DMC Committees Relating to Research

State University of New York and Research Foundation Policies

green ball Affirmative Action and Equal Employment Opportunity
green ball Conflict of Interest
green ball Freedom of Publication
green ball Misconduct or Fraud in Academic Research
green ball Patent & Copyright
green ball Use of Human Subjects
green ball Use of Laboratory Animals
green ball Recombinant DNA/Biohazardous Materials

Pre-Award Policies and Procedures

green ball Finding a Sponsor
green ball Proposal Writing
Exhibit 1 – Standard Institutional Info and Identifications Numbers
green ball Budget Development - Direct Costs
green ball Budget Development - Indirect Costs
green ball Institutional Review Approvals
green ball Application Review Procedure and Responsibilities
green ball Proposals Requiring Additional Space
green ball Proposals Requiring a Commitment of Other Institutional Resources
green ball Peer Review Appeal Process

Research Account Management

green ball Acceptance of Awards
green ball Account Establishment
green ball Account Monitoring
green ball Sponsor Guidelines
green ball Budget Modifications
green ball Time Extensions
green ball Technical and Financial Reporting
green ball Account Closing and Audit
green ball Transfer of Account to Another Institution

Post-Award / Personnel

 Employment Review and Approval
 Fair Labor Standards Act
 Position Classification
 Salary and Wage Administration
green ball Charging Administrative Salaries
green ball Effort Reporting
green ball Cost Sharing
 Appointment Procedures
 Payroll Procedures
 Time and Attendance Procedures
 Fringe Benefit Administration

Post-Award / Non-Personnel

 Requisitions-Purchase Orders
 Vendor Payments
 Consultants-Independent Contractors
 HSCB Service Billings
 Subject Payment Advances

Technology Transfer

green ball Patents and Licensing
green ball Copyright