Office of Research Administration

Institutional Review Board

Members and Staff

IRB members play an important role in the review and approval of human subject research programs. The amount of time contributed to the Center by each member to review new protocols, annual reports, protocol modifications and adverse event reports is enormous.

Listed below are the current Board members for each of three committees (Board A, Board B, and Board E). Questions should be directed initially to the IRB Chair, Clinton Brown, MD at (718) 270-1729 or the Executive Director, Kevin Nellis at (718) 613-8461. The Institutional Review Board Office is located in Room 3-26 of the Basic Science Building (Main IRB Phone: 718-613-8480 / fax: 718-613-8497).

IRB Chairs and Staff Phone
Clinton Brown, MD, IRB Chair (718) 270-1729
Stanley Friedman, MD, Vice Chair (718) 270-1335
Jeannette Jakus, MD, MBA Vice Chair (718) 270-1229
Kevin L. Nellis, MS, CIP, Executive Director, Human Research Protection & Quality Assurance (718) 613-8461
Diann Johnson, MPH, Associate IRB Administrator (718) 270-4341
Danielle Lewis, MD, IRB Management Analyst (718) 270-4454
Nikol Celestine, BA, CIP IRB Management Analyst (718) 270-4411
Nakih Gonzales, IRB Assistant (718) 270-4372
IRB Office (718) 613-8480

Click here to view or download the current IRB Roster for 2019. (Updated 01/07/2018)

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If you need a copy of a previous roster, please contact Nakih Gonzales for assistance.