Office of Research Administration

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)

Protocol Template Forms

Animal Use Protocol Form - New, Revisions and 3-year Renewals  
Annual Protocol Review Form  

Protocol Amendment Forms

Personnel Amendment Form  
Protocol Amendment Form  
Social Housing Exemption Amendment to an Approved Protocol  
Request to add a mouse strain or genotype to an approved Protocol
Note: for new procedures, use the protocol amendment form
*See IACUC Submission Processing and Performance of Repeat Procedures Reviewed by Verified Veterinary Consultation for additional information.

New Scientists

New Scientist Questionnaire (to get started)  
  • Student Employee Health Services - Risk Assessment Form
  • Sample - Health Assessment Clearance Form
  • Sample - Student Registration Clearance Form

Ancillary Forms

Controlled Substances Protocol Registration Form  
DCM Holding Protocol Request Form  
Payment Authorization Form (to change protocol linked account)  
Rodent Breeding Calculator  
Rodent Surgical Record Template  
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