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    Office of Scientific Affairs
Research Proposal Application Review / Signature Worksheet New
Downstate Financial Disclosure Form--Sponsored Research NEW    
    National Institutes of Health (NIH)
PHS 398 (paper application forms)    
   PHS 398 complete Application Forms - 08/12  
   PHS 398 BioSketch Page - 08/12  
    PHS SF424 Application Guide (Version C) NIH Parent R01 Application  
   "Parent" R01 (PA-13-302) - NEW use after 09/26/13 NIH Parent R01 Application  
   "Parent" R03 (PA-13-304) - NEW use after 09/26/13 NIH Parent R03 Application  
   "Parent" R13/U13 (PA-10-071) - use until 11/12/13
NIH Parent R13 Application
   "Parent" R13/U13 (PA-13-347) - NEW use after 11/12/13
NIH Parent R13 Application
   "Parent" R21 (PA-13-303) - NEW use after 09/26/13 NIH Parent R21 Application  
   SF424 Subcontract Budget Form
NIH Subcontract Budget Form
DMC Institutional Data Sheet for NIH SF424 Applications NIH SF424 Institutional Data Sheet  
     National Science Foundation
NSF Grants.Gov Appliation Guide (Jan 2011) NSF Grants.Gov Application Guide  
 Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee

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New Scientists Form (to get started)  

Request to add a mouse strain or genotype to an approved Protocol

Note: for new procedures, use the protocol amendment form

Animal Use Protocol Form - new, revision and three year  
Annual Protocol Review Form  
Protocol Amendment Instructions  
Protocol Amendment Form  
Personnel Amendment Form  
Social Housing Exemption Amendment to an Approved Protocol
DCM Holding Protocol Request Form  
Mouse Breeding - Calculate Number of Animals Needed  
Payment Authorization Form (to change protocol linked account)  
Questions or document submissions:
    Institutional Biosafety Committee
Hazardous Materials
Biosafety Application
Adverse Event Report
Continuing Review
    Research Foundation Forms
New Technology (Invention) Disclosure Form
RF Requisition Form
RF Cost Sharing Form
RF Travel Form
RF Personnel Requisition Form (P-10) *  
RF Personnel Requisition Form (P-10) Instructions
RF Personnel Assignment Form *  
RF Affirmative Action Search Form  
RF Personnel Change Form *  
RF Personnel Position Questionnaire
RF IFR Appointment / Change Form
DMC Property Tracking Form  
    (*note - old RF personnel forms will not be accepted)    
    Federal Forms
Protection of Human Subjects Certification